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"How do I access the Learning Portal?"

"How do I repeat a module after I have completed the Learning Path?"

"I can't login to the Portal"

    First, check to make sure you are using the correct set of credentials.  Once you register with the Learning Portal, you will end up with two(2) sets of login credentials.  One for the NSLT website, and one for the Learning Portal.   

If you are seeing the NSLT login screen, you should be using your NSLT login credentials.   Your UserID is the email address you listed when you registered for the NSLT website and the Password was emailed to you in your initial email from the NSLT website.  Check your spam folder if you don't see the email from the NSLT containing your login credentials.


If you are seeing the Learning Portal login screen, you should be using your Learning Portal login credentials.  Your UserID and Password was generated by the Portal system and included in the email from the Portal at the time you registered for the Learning Portal (this UserID is NOT your email address).  Check your spam folder if you don't see the email from the Learning Portal containing your login credentials.


"How do I access my Training Report?"

"What happened to the sound?"

All of the information in our modules are written on the screen, so sound is not necessary to complete the tutorials. Learning scores improved for students who read the information, versus students who listened to the information. Furthermore, the sound files in our modules have been disabled so schools can use the modules in the classroom without having the sound play on every computer in the room. However, our modules are programmed to work with apps that do text-to-speech. Most visually impaired students have this app installed on their computer. This is why you may hear sound for the modules when you are working on your school's computer or a friend's computer, but not hear sound when you are working on your personal computer.

"I get an error message that the module is already open, yet it is not."

    Your problem should be able to fix itself when you logout of the portal. This issue is created by a module failing to close correctly. The error will prevent you from accessing other modules, because the system still thinks you are working on a module currently. Make sure all tabs are closed when you log out.

"I’ve registered and asked for a password reset but nothing is sent to me."

    The email from the Learning portal with your login credentials is probably in your Junk Mail folder. Sometimes the school's email system filters it as spam.  

"The Word 2013 knowledge check #05b does not display correctly so I was not able to open it." 

The module name is too long for your display settings.  Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will be able to move the slide bar to the right and view the entire module name. This will allow you to press the "play" icon launching the module.


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