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Distinguish your Law Program with Technology Skilled Students

Law schools are now teaching Law Office Technology as part of their classroom curriculum. The NSLT Legal Technology programs are replacing the textbook in over 300 universities and colleges. Simulated Software Tutorials teach and train users how software runs. Interactive Online Training modules are short hands-on lessons guiding the user through the correct path to learn each task accurately from Beginner to Expert, followed by a knowledge assessment to ensure competency.

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Simulated Software Tutorials

Able to be accessed on any web browser and on any device, our cutting-edge platform is your gateway to preparing students for real-world challenges. By seamlessly integrating immersive simulations into your curriculum, you can bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing students' hands-on experience. Simulated Software Tutorials provide a dynamic, engaging, and risk-free environment for students to master complex software applications. Our platform offers a versatile, interactive, and cost-effective approach to skill development. Elevate your institution's educational offering, stay ahead of the curve, and nurture the tech-savvy innovators of tomorrow

What Does a Lesson Look Like?

Our simulated software tutorials will have you learning on the software without having the need for the software to be installed on your computer system. This allows you to learn and test the software before you make a commitment for a software purchase. Progress gauges allow you to visually see your training progress through that software program's learning modules.  Click on the gauge from your portal's home page to select your next training course.  Follow the learning path for a guided training experience, or jump directly to the task you desire to learn about next.

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Legal Research Certificate

Built whilst working hand in hand with each platform, our Legal Research Technology Certificate (LRTC) is truly one of a kind. Our certificate provides easy access for students to learn essential legal research programs without having to subscribe to each site. Your students learn interactively with 6 cutting-edge platforms: Lexis+, Westlaw, Fastcase, Casetext, Bloomberg Law, and Hein Online preparing them for whatever firm they work with.

Our recommended learning paths will take you from beginner to expert level tasks, teaching you the skills you need to proficiently use the software program. Each software title is broken into several 5 - 10 minute modules. This allows for completion of the certificate at your own pace and as your time schedule allows.

6 Required Courses

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NSLT Legal Office Technology Certificate

Perfectly tailored for institutions running a Law Office Technology class and utilized in many universities, our Law Office Technology certificate provides top of the line education on 24 different software programs. Able to be implemented into your curriculum, each certificate is around 52 hours of work. Students must complete all the lessons on 12 different programs in order to earn their Legal Technology Certificate.

The Legal Technology Certificate signifies a student's comprehensive knowledge and skill in harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize the practice of law. Explore the transformative capabilities of legal software, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to streamline legal processes, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation within the legal industry. With this badge, a student will not only demonstrate their commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving legal tech landscape but also their ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower legal professionals and clients alike. The certificate process requires completion of all of the training modules and knowledge checks on 12 different software programs of your choice, selected from the available courses. 

The Software Training Students Need to Excel

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2023
  • Best Authority 5
  • CaseMap 13
  • Clio
  • CloudNine Concordance
  • DocuSign eSignature
  • Excel 2019
  • Google Workspaces
  • iManage Work 10 Desktop
  • Kofax Power PDF Advanced 3
  • Litera DocX Tools 11
  • Litera Workshare Compare 10.8
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams 2021

  • NetDocuments & ndOffice
  • OneNote for Office 365
  • Outlook 2019
  • Payne Numbering Assistant 11
  • PowerPoint 2019
  • TimeMap6
  • TrialDirector 6
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Word 2019
  • WordRake
  • Worldox GX4
  • Zoom 5.5

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eDiscovery Technology Certificate (eDTech)

Focused solely on eDiscovery software and theory lectures, our eDiscovery Technology Certificate (eDTech) includes 17 lecture modules created by ACEDS and has training lessons on 9 different software programs.

The eDiscovery Technology Certificate demonstrates a student's mastery of the art and science of digital discovery. Dive deep into the world of electronic evidence, data preservation, legal processes, and digital forensics. With this badge, a student will showcase expertise in managing electronic information, ensuring legal compliance, and facilitating smooth litigation processes. Join the elite ranks of professionals who excel in the field of eDiscovery, and prove your commitment to delivering precise and efficient solutions in the ever-evolving digital landscape.  The certificate process requires completion of all of the training modules and knowledge checks on all of the required courses.

10 Required Courses

  • Concordance Desktop
  • CaseMap
  • Disco
  • Everlaw

  • Sanction
  • TextMap
  • TimeMap 6
  • VenioOne

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National Society for Legal Technology TM  is dedicated to helping students and legal professionals learn about and explore legal technology software programs. 

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