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Knowledge of legal technology is a crucial addition to your résumé in the digital age, but it's not always easy to find the information and training you need.  Becoming a member of National Society for Legal Technology TM provides you access to information and video tutorials on hundreds of legal software programs, many with free trial versions and hands-on exercises.  Members can complete exclusive interactive tutorials and testing toward earning a Legal Technology Certificate.   $120 for 1-year membership.

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Boost Your Career with a Certificate in Legal Technology 

One of the best ways employees can distinguish themselves, provide evidence of their capabilities, and boost their careers is to acquire a professional certificate.

A certificate is not a replacement for true experience and is not a free ticket for a better job or higher salary. But it can definitely set you apart from others who don’t have one and show current and potential employers that you’re dedicated to continuously learning and improving yourself.

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Where In The World Are We?!?

                               Students and Legal Professionals                                 around the world are learning about Legal Technology from the National Society for Legal Technology TM .

National Society for Legal Technology TM  is dedicated to helping students and legal professionals learn about and explore legal technology software programs.  Contact Us   |    News & Events
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